Solid Wire,Welding Electrode,Flux Cored Wire

Flux Cored Electrodes For Arc Welding.

This flux cored electrodes is a titanium oxide type CO2 gas shielded flux cored wire with excellent welding performance,soft and stable arc,small spatter,easy slag removal and beautiful weld formation.
It is suitable for flat welding and transverse welding,it can be used for all position welding with high welding efficiency.
The weld metal has been toughened by trace elements,it has excellent low temperature toughness, good crack resistance and stable internal quality.

It is used for welding of structural parts of carbon steel and low alloy structural steel with tensile strength ≥ 490mpa, and is most widely used for welding of important structures such as shipbuilding,machinery manufacturing,pressure vessel,boiler, petroleum machinery,chemical machinery,lifting machinery,etc.

Solid Wire,Welding Electrode,Flux Cored Wire

For the single-pass and multi-pass welding of grade Rm 500MPa level’s steel.
Better welding performance and good gas pore resistance.

1.The rust,oil,water and other impurities of the weld area must be removed before welding
2.The mechanical properties of all weld metal be decided by heat input,normally the small heat input will better than larger one

It is suitable for the welding of carbon steel and low alloy steel,such as Gr.50,and so on.
This GMAW wire is for Rm 500MPa level carbon steel with shield gas of CO2 or M21.
Small spatter,beautiful appearance,high deposition efficiency and small weld metal porosity sensibility.
All positions is suitable.

ISO 14341-A-G42 3C1 Z3Si1
Shielding Gas EN ISO14175:C1
Current Polarity:DCEP
EN 13479+ISO 14341
Use in metallic structures or in composite metal and concrete structures

Compliance with:
GB/T8110-2008 ER50-6
ISO 14341-A-G42 3C1 Z3Si1
AWS A5.18 ER70S-6

EU Certification:
Certification Authoirty:CPD-CE certification of steel structure
Grade:ISO14341-A-G42 3C1 Z3Si1

Chemical Composition of Wire:
C:0.06-0.15,result 0.08
Mn:1.40-1.85,result 1.50
Si:0.80-1.15,result 0.89
S:Less than or equal to 0.025,result 0.012
P:Less than or equal to 0.025,result 0.013
Ni:Less than or equal to 0.15,result 0.03
Cr:Less than or equal to 0.15,result 0.02
Mo:Less than or equal to 0.15,result 0.002
V:Less than or equal to 0.03,result 0.003
Cu:Less than or equal to 0.50,result 0.11

Mechanical Properties of All Weld Metal:(CO2)
Rm/MPa:More than or equal to 500,result 540
Rel/Rp0.2/MPa:More than or equal to 420,result 450
A/%:More than or equal to 22,result 26
KV2(-30C)/J:More than or equal to 27,result 100

X-ray Radiographic Inspection:Level II

Typical Operating Procedures:(DC+)

Classification of Society Certification:
Ship Inspection Agency:ABS
Level of Recognition:3YSAH10
Ship Inspection Agency:LR
Level of Recognition:3YSAH15

Ship Inspection Agency:BV
Level of Recognition:SA3YMHH
Ship Inspection Agency:NK
Level of Recognition:KSW53G(C)H10

Ship Inspection Agency:CCS
Level of Recognition:3YSH10
Ship Inspection Agency:KR
Level of Recognition:3YSG(C)H10

Ship Inspection Agency:DNV.GL
Level of Recognition:IIIYMS(H10)
Ship Inspection Agency:CWB
Level of Recognition:B-G49A3CG6

Dia 1.2mm
Dia 1.4mm
Dia 1.6mm

GB/T8110 ER50-6
AWS A5.18 ER70S-6
ISO 14341-A-G42 3C1 ZSSi1
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