LPG Cylinder Hydrostatic Testing Machine

This equipment is mainly used for hydraulic pressure strength test of LPG cylinder. The operation is simple,the labor intensity is greatly reduced,and the work efficiency is effectively improved. The equipment is mainly composed of main engine support, rotating steel cylinder frame, compressed cylinder, pressure test head, gas and water pipeline, valve,control panel and so on. The structure of the equipment is reasonable, and it adopts four stations to simultaneously influent and test pressure, and then rotate 90o and 180 o to pour water automatically.
LPG Cylinder Hydrostatic Testing Machine
Product Name:12-Work Station LPG Cylinder Hydrostatic Testing Machine 
Main Technology Data:
Applicable specification of cylinder: 6kg 12kg LPG cylinder
Test efficiency: Not less than 200 pieces per hour
Test pressure: 3.2MPa (Settable)
Boost rate: ≤ 0.5MPa/s (Adjustable)
Pressure sensor accuracy: Class 0.25
Working pressure gauge: Class 1.6
Electric inductive response pressure gauge: Class 1.6
Precision pressure gauge: Class 0.25
Compressed air pressure: 0.6 -- 0.7MPa (Constant)
Air consumption: 3m3/min (During drainage)
External power supply voltage: 220V/50Hz 380V/50Hz (20kW)

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