LPG Cylinder Spraying Production Line

The production line consists of manual soot blowing and dust removal system, automatic + manual electrostatic spray gun system, electrostatic powder spraying room and recovery system, curing drying room, hanging conveyor, and electronic control system.
LPG Cylinder Spraying Production Line
Production of powder spray+drying room
Automatic and manul electrostatic spray gun system
If electrostatic spray gun system,powder feeding system adopts advanced fluidized bed atomization to spray powder.

Electrostatic powder spraying room and recovery system:
1 sets of automatic electrostatic spraying powder and 1 sets of manual supplementary spraying are used in electrostatic powder spraying equipment, which consist of electrostatic powder spraying room, recovery device, automatic spray gun, electrostatic generator, powder feeder and manual electrostatic spray gun. 
The indoor wind speed is controlled within 0.6~0.8m/s. 
The powder recovery system adopts small cyclone + filter element recovery, the recovery effect is good, and the recovery efficiency is more than 95%.

Solidification and drying chamber:
The drying chamber is a double stroke bridge, and the two parts are combined into a combined drying chamber.
The drying chamber is composed of a heat preservation chamber body and a bracket,gas device,heating box,circulation fan and pipeline, and electric temperature control system, etc.
Drying method for hot air circulation, the bridge structure, using the principle of hot air rising, the main heating oven section overhead is higher than that of inlet and outlet, reduce the heat wastage

1.The circulating air duct system is reasonably arranged in the furnace body, and the circulating air quantity is designed according to the temperature difference requirement,and the temperature automatic control and display device is also provided. Galvanized steel sheet for pipeline
2.The chamber is composed of insulation board assembly structure, can minimize heat wastage,and eliminate thermal stress
3.The panel material is galvanized steel plate, and the outer wall is painted with color steel plate
4.The total thermal insulation layer of curing drying chamber is 100mm, and the end of drying chamber is equipped with maintenance door, so as to facilitate the maintenance of the equipment in the future
5.The heating system adopts the indirect heating method of gas. 
6.The gas in the furnace is continuously heated by the external heat exchanger under the guidance of the high temperature fan, so that the temperature in the furnace rises or keeps constant temperature
7.In the circulating heating system engineering, a new air supply air outlet and exhaust gas pipeline are set up to keep the moisture content and exhaust gas content below the standard requirements, so as to ensure the drying quality of the products
8.The hot air circulation fan adopts the air cooling built-in type, the circulation fan adopts the special high temperature and low noise centrifugal fan, and the fan impeller, the main shaft and the bearing are all specially processed
9.The furnace temperature is controlled by PID digital display, automatic temperature control,and temperature alarm function
10.In order to prevent the exterior surface of the cracking fume pollution chamber generated during the powder curing process, the inlet and outlet of the drying chamber are closed to set the workpiece into and out the profiling door

Overhead chain conveyor:
The suspension conveyer includes driving device,tensioning device,chain,straight rail,bending rail with various angles,inspection rail,telescopic joint,lubricating device,various kinds of rack and hanger
The driving device adopts linear drive,and it is equipped with overload protection mechanism
The tensioning mechanism adopts the heavy hammer tensioning,and the load can be adjusted arbitrarily by the heavy hammer
The chain adopts universal bearing wheel chain
The conveyor is equipped with inspection track,temperature expansion joint and automatic lubrication device
The conveyor runs smoothly, reliably, without crawling and clamping,meeting the requirements of the smoothness of the conveying device when the powder is sprayed

Electronic control system:
The temperature control in the drying line of the production by digital display instrument
All low voltage components are either Schneider or Siemens to ensure their reliability and sensitivity
All motors are equipped with air switch,thermal relay protection system,which can effectively overload,short circuit,open circuit and other automatic protection
The design, manufacture and installation of electrical equipment are in line with the requirements of the relevant national standards
The electric control system includes: control cabinet, wire, cable, threading pipe

Dust blowing system:
The automatic dust blowing system uses compressed air to blow dust, and uses centrifugal fan to remove the dust outdoors:
Technology parameters:
1.System chamber measurement:25000×1600×2000mm
3.High voltage generator,power 220V,output voltage is 0~100 KV, and the maximum output current is 200A
4.Powder recycling mode is filter pulse recovery
5.Pressure of pneumatic actuator:0.6MPa
6.Maximum storage capacity of powder feeding barrel 60KG
7.Drying channel specification 13000×2300×2200mm
8.Temperature control range: 100-250C
9.Hanging conveying mode
10.Chain speed:1.0~2.0m/min (adjustable)

Indoor environmental requirements during spraying:
1.Normal temperature
2.Wind speed: 0.4 ~ 0.6m/s
3.llumination: >400Lx
4.Recovery rate of powder: >95%
5.Noise: less than 80db

System configuration:
Automatic powder spraying device 2 sets
Automatic spraying station 2 sets
Filter cartridge recovery system 2 sets
Heating chamber 1 set
Fuel furnace 1 set
Overhead chain conveyor 1 set
Electric control system 1 set
Integrated sieve feeding powder bucket 5 sets
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