LPG Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine

Quantity of blasting unit:3,PCSSteel shot ejection velocity:95~100m/s, Steel shot flow:220kg/min, Power:2*7.5KW, Treatment efficiency:≥135m2/h
LPG Cylinder Shot Blasting Machine
Technology parameters:
1.Quantity of blasting unit:3 PCS
2.Steel shot ejection velocity:95~100m/s
3.Steel shot flow:220kg/min
5.Treatment efficiency:≥135m2/h
6.Applicable scope of steel cylinder diameter:φ219~406mm
7.Standard:GB8923-88 A-B Sa2 1/2
8.Average productivity per minute:1 PCS
9.Steel shot specification:1.0~1.5
10.Roller speed:1~4r/min
11.Bucket elevator feeding capacity:45T/h
12.Bucket elevator power:4KW
13.Screw conveyer feeding capacity:45T/h
14.Screw conveyer power:2.2KW
15.Separatation amount:45T/h
16.Wind velocity in separation:4~5 m/s

Dust removal and desulfurization system technology parameters:
1.Airflow volume: ≥ 3000m3/h
2.Total filtration area:≥ 57m2;
3.Inlet of particle concentration:≤1200mg/Nm3
4.Outlet of particle concentration:≤50mg/Nm3

Configuration of equipment:
1.Upcast derusting machine 1 set
2.Dust removal system 1 set
3.Desulfurization system 1 set
4.Pass in and out rack:2 pcs
5.Electrical control system:1 set
6.High pressure fan:1 set
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