Liquefied Gas Cylinder (LPG) Explosion Test Machine

Liquefied Gas Cylinder (LPG) Explosion Test Machine
Liquefied Gas Cylinder (LPG) Explosion Test Machine
Product Description:

The Liquefied Gas Cylinder (LPG) Explosion Test Machine also known as LPG Gas Cylinder Test Machine.
Gas Cylinder Pressure Resistance Explosion Detection Device Test pressure 0-40.0Mpa, using a booster pump as the output pressure source, it can perform program control of pressure boosting maintaining pressure boosting explosion. 
The computer generates pressure and time curves automatically, displays them in real-time, and stores various data, and it can print inspection reports in both Chinese and English at any time. 
This testing machine can perform hydraulic tests, pressure tests, burst strength tests, and deformation tests on gas cylinders. Each function can be tested separately or comprehensively.

The whole equipment including:
1.Gas cylinder explosion test bench 
2.Liquefied gas cylinder explosion test machine 
3.Gas cylinder pressure rupture detection device

Product Characteristics:
1.Pressure range selectable 0-3000MPa
2.Oil control accuracy: +2% of the upper limit and -1% of the lower limit of the test pressure value
3.Pressure value resolution 0.1MPa
4.Pressure sensor: Test pressure sampling frequency 0.5 seconds
5.Test medium: water or hydraulic oil
6.Pressure control method: pneumatic or hydraulic drive
7.Operation mode:manual control,computer control
8.Number of test samples:One rote control of test pressure and test time (Optional number of routes)

Technical Parameter:
1.Drive air pressure: 2-8 bar
2.Test pressure: 0-40 Mpa
3.Test accuracy: 0.01Mpa
4.Test timing range: 0-100 h
5.Number of test routes: 1
6.Environmental temperature: Room temperature, customizable high temperature
7.Operation mode: Fully automatic control, manual button operation
8.Pressure curve: Computer-controlled, real-time display by data acquisition software
9.Test data storage method: Automatic saving, Excel format
10.Sample installation method:Manual or automatic clamping

Structural Composition: Power system, circulation system, pressure control system, workpiece installation device, manual control, computer control

Typical Application:
Liquefied gas cylinder burst test

Pressure burst test for medical liquid cylinders
Oxygen cylinder pressure resistance time test

Nitrogen cylinder pressure test
Basic Principles:
According to the different pressures of the tested object, the high-pressure pump generates high-pressure liquid, which is transported to the sample through a high-pressure hose through a pressure control system. 

A water sensor collects the water inflow amount.

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