End of epidemic in Europe

On May 19, France entered the second stage of lifting the isolation measures as planned, with limited opening of restaurants, shopping malls, museums and cinemas closed for several months.

On the same day, French President Makron and Prime Minister Kastay found a cafe near the presidential palace in the changeable weather of alternate rain and sunshine early in the morning, and drank coffee on the terrace, which symbolized "the recovery of life in a more normal direction".

Let's get back to the art of life once again, while abiding by epidemic prevention norms," Mr. Makron tweeted.

With the president and the prime minister taking the lead, all the people in Paris may be on the streets. the tourists in line applaud spontaneously,when the Louvre opens early in the morning.
At the entrance of the old Buddha and other shopping malls, there are all customers waiting in line,not to mention restaurants and cafes, Parisians would rather take umbrellas in the rain than eat and drink, because "enough of sandwiches and Uber Eats"

they said,have a life finally,and back to their own finally ! the excitement is beyond words.

Spain is also in the forefront of Europe. Since May 10, the life of the local people seems to have returned to the rhythm before the epidemic. So late at night on May 9, a large number of Spaniards squatted and waited for the moment of lifting of the blockade, and then immediately rushed to the streets to revel. Madrid is singing and dancing, Barcelona is a beach party all night.

Italy,the "worst disaster area" of the Europe epidemic, has been "cleared" of the risk areas of the epidemic since May 24. A Rome citizen who has just visited the museum told the media: "it's very good to do something to make life return to normal after experiencing the impact of the epidemic. I'm so excited to come here again and cry."

In order to revive the tourism industry, the governments of many regions in Italy have even proposed to vaccinate tourists. For example, Veneto, where Venice is located, has proposed to vaccinate foreign tourists to protect local people and promote tourism.

Compared with freedom loving Southern of Europeans,Germans are more rigorous.

Berlin,capital of German, began to lifting of the blockade on May 19, allowing restaurants and bars to operate outdoors. However, they asked diners to produce a negative report of the new crown test and not more than five people at the same table (up to two families are allowed).

Germans were very excited,even though the requirements were strict.They went out to drink beer,some people said, "it's good to be back outdoors,it's like having a dream."

The German economy minister stressed that the federal government and the States should fully consult on the next step of "unsealing" to ensure that it is possible to take a holiday in Germany this summer.

Summer vacations is important for Europeans indeed.

Portugal, the EU's rotating presidency, announced on Thursday evening that after several rounds of negotiations, EU Member States and the European Parliament have reached an agreement on the digital "vaccine passport", which is expected to be implemented on July 1.

The "vaccine passport" contains a two-dimensional code, which can display the vaccination, virus test results and recovery after diagnosis of the holder. According to the regulations, as long as the person who has completed a dose of the new crown vaccine can apply for it, but the vaccinated vaccine must be approved by the European drug administration“ "Vaccine passport" will apply to all EU countries, as well as Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. European Commission President Frederick Von Draen stressed that the "vaccine passport" will be "a key element in restoring safe and convenient travel throughout the EU".

However,due to the mutation reported by India, the new coronavirus has spread rapidly in some parts of the UK, and the brexit UK has been "excluded" by some EU countries.

German ban on entry of passengers from the UK on 23th May,Spain, which hopes to take advantage of the tourism industry, has chosen to open its entry door to British tourists from 24th May. British tourists can enter Spain without holding the negative certificate of the new nucleic acid test.UK is the country with the largest number of reported cases of the mutated virus outside India,according to a report released of World Health Organization this month.

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