Composite Cylinder Production Line

Zhejiang Cylinder Technology Company Limited.
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Composite Cylinder - Manufacturers & Suppliers in China.
Composite Cylinder Production Line.
Factory Product Line of Wrapped Fiberglass Composite LPG Cylinder.
Supply Automatic Equipment of Composite Cylinder.
Supply Raw Materials,Tools,Equipments and Trainings.

Why Composite Cylinders ?

Benefits of composite LPG cylinders

Light Weight
Transportation costs will be lowered due to the reduced weight.
An even tare weight removes the need to adjust the filling machines for each cylinder,thereby saving man hours.

Explosion safe
Explosion-proof under fire exposure and impact load
Corrosion free and ultra-violet radiation proof

Since liquid level is always visible,customers know exactly when it's time to change cylinders.
No more unpleasant surprises at barbecue parties or when the forklift truck is far from the depot
No more running out of gas-just when you need it most

Cylinders in several colors is optimized for stacking,transportation and storage.

By having the possibility to have customer's logotype combined with customer company's color on the casing,you are able to make the cylinder your own product

Hight quality
The ultimate goal is to produce a high quality,"safety first" factory and products that are approved by international government agencies for containment and transportation of LPG.

Better Safety
3.Pressure reach 70 kg
4.Transparent cylinder bottle body
5.No explosion in high temperature
6.Light weight 8kg
7.Service life is 15 years guaranteed
8.Enterprise self-inspection,no need supervise come from the third party.

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